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E-Mail Image Generator

Sibcode E-Mail Image Generator will aid you in keeping your email address hidden from spambots
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15 March 2013

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Imagine the fun of replacing the email address of your contacts with amusing images. It will easily help you to do away with remembering complex email-ids and instead just remember the images, which otherwise is a very simple task. To aid you in making this scenario possible, we like to present a simple solution that is E-Mail Image Generator 1.0. This unique software application is capable to generate elegant images that you can be used as substitutes in place of all the email addresses you have with you. As images are very easy to remember and distinctive, you will be easily identify the contacts and won’t make any mistake in sending the emails to the concerned persons.

E-Mail Image Generator is not only just a mere image generating tool for the purpose of amusements. It is an also a fantastic utility that can be used for the protection of pages from any kinds of scanning that automatic robots opts for. Now what actually happens is that when instead of text, your address is portrayed as an image; unique spammers` email harvesting programs won’t be able to read all your email addresses and can’t store them in spam list. So this is a protection tool that is meant to secure all the email addresses available in our website and restrict the email grabbers to capture the email-IDs. This image generator can design elegant Aqua-styled email images and save them in different image formats such as JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP.

The interface that E-Mail Image Generator posses, is extremely intuitive and very user-friendly enabling any ordinary person with ordinary skills to perform the picture generation process. This tool certainly worth’s a 3.5 rating for its great performance, decent price, loads of features along with the convenience an email protection it has to offer.

Publisher's description

E-Mail Image Generator is a program based on a fairly simple principle - it enables you to generate email images that can be used as a substitute for your email address. Images can be easily read by other people while being totally inaccessible to email harvesting programs, which ensures that your email will not appear on spam lists. Reliable spam protection at an affordable price - that's all Sibcode E-Mail Image Generator is about!
E-Mail Image Generator
E-Mail Image Generator
Version 2.1
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